02 November 2009

Children's Bookwatch:

Charmingly written by Dirk Derom, "Pigeon and Pigeonette" is the touching tale of the friendship between two pigeons. One is small and flightless and the other is large and blind, and both have been left behind for the winter. What shall they do? They pool resources and work out amazing strategies together to experience flying, that's what they do! Based on the New Zealand Pigeon, a large, clumsy pigeon, "Pigeon and Pigeonette" is a story to tug heartstrings and turn heads. Amazing, colorful mixed media illustrations by Sarah Verroken bring the characters to life and cap the book's certain appeal to children age 4 and up.

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25 October 2009

Kirkus Reviews:

"[Sarah] Verroken's rich, boldly colored woodblock prints provide an appropriately outdoorsy, textured feel. The birds' unusual appearances highlight their unique personalities: In his oversized undershirt, mighty yellow Pigeon towers over the minute, blue Pigeonette. With their black boots and outstretched wings, the loving duo enlivens each speckled spread. Playing with perspective and size, curved lines support the warm interactions. . . . This quirky tale will beguile."

Firrkids: (fragment):

The illustrations are hand carved and hand printed. Isn't that amazing in this day and age? Even the font was carefully chosen to "reflect the clumsiness and learning process of our pigeon friends." Holding this book in your hands is like having a durable piece of art that you can share with your children. The illustrator herself personally watched over the printing of this book at a small family owned Belgian printer. Knowing all the thought and care that went into this book makes me love it that much more.


SLJ  November, 2009:

Pigeonette is a small pigeon whose small wings cannot take her south for the winter, so she stays in the woods after all of her friends have left. While she is hopping across the snow, she hears some loud thwacking sounds that result in a large, blind pigeon crashing into a tree. She befriends the big bird, musing that, “It’s sad when pigeons can’t fly,” and she takes him to her favorite tree. When an accident causes the branch they are sitting on to break, they discover that with teamwork they can indeed fly. Pigeonette can be the eyes and Pigeon provides the wings. The bold woodcuts and limited color palette convey the setting of the woods throughout the seasons. The boot-wearing pigeons are stylized and encourage closer examination. This is a story of overcoming odds and obstacles, and, despite an occasional adult tone, it delivers a positive and important message. “Carried by Pigeon’s strong wings, guided by Pigeonette’s bright eyes, they take off on their first trip to warmer toes.”–Stacy Dillon, LREI, New York City



1 September 2009

It's finally there! Our book is now available in shops all over the USA and Canada. And if you're not from around, it is also available online (check out the shop section of this website)!



27 August 2009

The website is online!

Here you can find all kinds of extra information about Pigeon and Pigeonette and the creators of their first book.

The news section will be frequently updated and you are very welcome to send us letters, drawings and emails. We will try to answer all of them as soon as possible.

You can also play games or download some coloring plates. Or what do you think of one of the wallpapers on your computer desktop?

In the shop you can buy the book and we are still working on the movie, but it will be here very soon.